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There is a purpose of this site, if you do not know, then contact LuXury on the talk page.

Information with some help guide.Edit

  • You can make or comment on other people's blog post as if it was their status.
  • After finish commenting on a talk page sign your signature using 4 of '~', or clicking the signature button.
  • NO, you cannot edit other people's profile pages.
  • In the community chat you do not need to sign your name after it.
  • Forums can be used to discuss specific things or to ask questions etc.
  • Do not be tempted to start spamming or unleashing rage on this site, i will have to release my banhammer. First ban: 1 day, Second ban: GG 357 years. If you want the account back, sorry but there is, NO CHANCE.
  • Upload some epic pictures if you like, but no inappropriate stuff.

Don't release your Godlike rage here.Edit

If you are suddenly angry or QQing, this is not the place for that.


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